Homeownership has changed drastically over the past few years, yet country clubs have proven repeatedly to be something that homebuyers return to over and over again. Choosing to live a country club lifestyle has many benefits. For example, Quail Ridge in Boynton Beach has sought to offer members the luxury of choice, whether in residences, in dining experiences, or in amenities and activities. Whether choosing from one of the neighborhoods that populate the club, meeting with friends for a round of golf on one of the two expertly designed courses, training in a tennis clinic, or selecting options from the menus of one of Quail Ridge’s fine restaurants, no expense is spared for the members of this Club.

Special Social calendar

The staff at Quail Ridge Country Club work to ensure that members are always engaged in the way that they want to be. Wine Tastings at the Main Dining Room challenge the palate as gourmands determine which cheeses, meats, and crackers pair best with cabernets, merlots, and rosés. Golf tournaments such as the Bethesda Day Tournament bring the whole Club together to watch the community’s best players face off against each other as they make their way through the course. Spa events such as yoga workshops and holiday parties allow members to meet and greet each other while celebrating a sports event or simply being together. Even with all of the amazing offerings, Quail Ridge Country Club never rescinds its warm and welcoming approach. Whether a member’s idea of fun is watching a heated competition between golf players, lounging by the pool, or tasting some of the best wines around, there’s room to be yourself at Quail Ridge.

Top-Level Amenities

When the staff at The Club at Quail Ridge says that they spare no expense, they mean it, especially when it comes to their amenities. Upon passing into the boundaries of Quail Ridge, members find nearly every single accommodation for them to enjoy, ranging from advanced fitness centers to ways to get out and enjoy the area’s natural beauty. The recently renovated Fitness Center features some of the newest sporting equipment for members to work on their cardio or strength routines with. Members who are looking for someone to push them will delight in having access to personal trainers through the Fitness Center, and those looking to exercise in a group will enjoy the multiple classes offered, including aquacise and Pilates. While many of the villages within the neighborhood possess their own pool, members are looking forward to the upcoming addition of a family pool and an exercise pool. Members will often meet up with friends to work up a sweat, or chill out at the spa afterwards. With three treatment rooms, a sauna, whirlpools, and steam rooms, it’s easy to rejuvenate after a hard workout.

The Fitness Center isn’t the only way for members to get their exercise in. In fact, members flock to the golf offerings that the Club provides. Quail Ridge Country Club possesses a comprehensive, competitive and well-known golf program for members to enjoy, with nearly everything that golfers could ask for. Two Championship Golf Courses feature expansive layouts that challenge golfers to plan out their next moves while navigating a gorgeously landscaped course. The South Course is currently under renovation by Bobby Weed and will be open for the upcoming high season. Here are where the Club hosts their multiple classics and championships, such as when they hosted the U.S. Women’s Open and the U.S. Senior Amateur, and where members face off against each other in friendly matches. Expansive practice ranges include a chipping green, a pitching green, a putting green, and a short iron target green, allowing for members to truly build upon their golf skills, sharpen their technique, and become the scratch players that they were meant to be.

Tennis players have their own program devoted to the sport at the Club, as well. The Tennis Program is one of the best equipped, with plenty of clinics, mixers, personal training sessions, and tournaments to keep the most engaged tennis fan happy. The Club’s 16 tennis courts, two pickleball courts, and practice wall ensure that everyone has the time and space to play without feeling rushed for time. Personal trainers and weekly golf clinics work with players of all levels to help sharpen their skills. Members can even watch games from the comfort of the wraparound viewing deck and the second story Tennis Pavilion.
The on-site Golf Pro Shop and Tennis Pro Shop offer a shopping experience exclusively for the members of the Club with brand name sports wear, resort casual wear from some of the most influential designers, and all the tools that needed to sharpen a golf or tennis game.

Peace of Mind

For the team at Quail Ridge Country Club, creating an inclusive community spirit within a secured gated community, where private security is keeping an eye on things, and neighbors become friends and family is achieved in innovative ways. For example, the Club’s site plan is designed to maximize views and privacy while promoting an interactive and engaging lifestyle. This way, it’s a little bit easier for members to enjoy their daily activities, whether that’s playing a few rounds of golf with friends, enjoying one of the many social events held by the Club, or spending time with family, without having to worry about anything else. Even house care becomes a little easier for the members of Quail Ridge, thanks to a network of professionals that the Club maintains. The on-site Property Owner’s Association connects members to capable and qualified maintenance services, housekeeping, and handymen. This way, members know that the important things are being taken care of by trusted experts.

The dining at Quail Ridge Country Club is exemplary as well, with chefs working to supply members with dishes made from the finest ingredients. Menus are set exclusively for summer and winter, as to allow members access to the fresh tastes that each season offers. That’s how members get to enjoy offerings such as Summer Gnocchi with grilled corn and a Grilled Peach Salad with farro, served up by the expert chefs that staff the Club’s kitchens. The Club itself owns two restaurants, located in the Dining Room and the Clubhouse respectively, and a bar. With one restaurant possessing a more upscale ambiance and another having a more resort-casual aesthetic, members don’t have to go far to celebrate good news, a special holiday, or simply enjoy time together over good food and drinks. Members seeking out the services of the Club’s talented chefs are in luck as well – The Club at Quail Ridge is happy to offer catering to its members for their own private events. Whether it’s for a gathering of only 50 people or a celebration of 250, party planners can check one more thing off of their list thanks to the Club.

Quail Ridge has served as the vacation destination for families for years. They return for rounds of golf on its two golf courses, and for play between friends on the sixteen Har-Tru tennis courts. The golf courses have served as the place where some of the most famous games have been played, including the U.S. Women’s Amateur and the U.S. Women’s Open. A PGA Professional staff is there to help members improve their golf skills, using state-of-the-art technology and programs. The tennis program is just as outstanding, with staff offering games, clinics, and events for Intra-Club Leagues, Inter-Club Leagues, and casual players.

Social events here are tailored to members’ interests and can vary from holiday parties to tours around town. The newly renovated Clubhouse is perfect for hosting private events or meeting neighbors at public ones. When members return to Quail Ridge, they return to the home that best reflects how they live. Neighborhoods within neighborhoods let you find the lifestyle that matches yours, and residences from townhouses to single- family homes let you find the home that meets your needs. Homes start from the $200s, up to $2 million. Call us at (561)737-5100, or click here to learn more today.